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Topic: Bathroom Ideas

5 Luxurious Things You Should Be Able to Do from the Bath

Taking a bath is a luxurious experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. You should be able to stretch out in your tub or throw an arm over the...

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4 Renovation Ideas for Reclaimed and Remnant Materials

One of the hottest trends in modern building is sustainable design. Builders, designers, and homeowners are all innovating new ways to use and re-use...

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Nine Innovative Shower Remodel Ideas for 2021

Showers are the hottest element in bathroom remodels today. As bathrooms become escapes, an oasis of self-care and relaxation away from a busy life,...

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Tips To Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

You probably moved into a new apartment and the bathroom is worn out. Or you have used your bathroom for long, and over the years, it has lost its...

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5 Tips to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

There's something special about a stunning bathroom. It makes you feel a bit fancy, happy and calm. Therefore, your bathroom should be a depiction of...

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Porcelain Tile versus Ceramic Tile – Which one is Right For You?

Sometimes when talking about tile for the kitchen or bathroom, you may think that ceramic and porcelain tile are the same.

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7 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas to Create a Clean, Modern Look

Minimalism has been on-trend in contemporary home design for several years. With its sleek, elegant design, minimalism strips a space back to its...

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Why Your Bathroom Needs More Light Fixtures

Most residential bathrooms are lit by the vanity lights alone. Often, this is a row of brilliantly bright bulbs designed to help you face the mirror...

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Bathroom Design for 3 Girls

This project was for 3 young girls while sharing a small bath, who needed to get ready for school at the same time. With their teenage years pending,...

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Some of Our Favorite Bathroom Upgrades

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, consider some of our favorite upgrades to give your bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel.

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