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Topic: Kitchen Bath Trends

10 Ways to Decorate with Remnant Marble and Stone Inlay - Pt 1

In kitchen renovations, installing a new countertop often means starting with a slab of granite or marble and having it cut to fit. What's left over...

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Timeless Paint Colors that Will Never Go Out of Style

Everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint can transform a house back to a like-new look and feel. Fresh, unscuffed walls in modern neutral colors can...

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6 Tips for your Bathroom Remodel Prep: Everything You Need to Start

So, you're ready for a bathroom remodel! Whether you're looking to update your style, make some much-needed repairs, or breathe new life into the...

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Designing the Perfect Kitchen to Host a Family Holiday

You are an aspiring matriarch or patriarch of the family, and you want to become the go-to host for your family's holidays.

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10 Best Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2023

Lighting can completely transform any area and bring harmony, warmth, and dimension. Various kitchen lighting can make the kitchen space feel...

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The Top 6 Kitchen Storage Trends Ideas for 2023

Do you want to get your kitchen more organized with kitchen storage trends ideas for 2023? Do you want to solve some common kitchen dilemmas with...

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Heated Countertops: A Groundbreaking Technology for Your Kitchen

You've probably heard of heated countertops by now. They are one of the new kitchen trends and groundbreaking technology to upgrade your kitchen. But...

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6 Trends in Kitchen Hoods for 2023

Remodels can be quite costly, and you need to get them right from the onset. When remodeling your kitchen, you can add a personal touch with trends...

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The Choice Between Full, Partial Overlay, Inset Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Changing your cabinet doors is one of the cleverest ways to remodel your kitchen. Without changing the structure of your cabinets, you can completely...

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The 8 Steps to Achieving Symmetry and Balance in Your Kitchen Design

Do you like balance and design? Do you want to practice that in your kitchen? A kitchen is one of the busiest and most significant rooms in your home...

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